[Wikipedia-l] Re: Wikipedia-l Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1280

Björn Lindqvist bjrn.lindqvist at telia.com
Tue Aug 19 01:06:23 UTC 2003

 >> Excuse my ignorance of the US electoral system, but are there 
 >> contests happening in some or all of the other states at the same 
time? If
 >> there are, then why should California be singled out, other than for the
 >> reason that California tends to be self aggrandizing? And the reason for
 >> that might be that it is home to the third-largest film and TV 
industry in
 >> the world and the accompanying media circus?

 >It's not a regularly scheduled election, but a highly unusual recall of >a
 >governor who was elected less than a year ago.

 >Imagine if the prime minister of New Zealand or Ireland were being >thrown
 >out on his ear, and tell me we shouldn't cover it?

Why cant ALL elections and ALL candidates in ALL countries be covered? 
Its important enough for alot of people, it is googleable information 
and it can be easily verified. Meh, usually when people say an article 
is unimportant it's because they are ignorant about the subject. :-)

Which leads me to another question I've been aching(sp?) to ask for 
quite some time. When is an article to narrow or not important enough to 
be on Wikipedia? Are there any rules or policies explaining it?


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