[Wikipedia-l] Deleting a single revision

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 19:35:38 UTC 2002

On Sunday 25 August 2002 05:33 pm, you wrote:
> What about articles that have copyright violations in their history? I
> recently found the source for two articles that were copied verbatim from
> other websites. [[Miyuki]] can go poof, as far as I'm concerned (it's a
> bead seller's account of a trip to a bead plant, and the article's an
> orphan), but [[Guru Granth Sahib]] is important. Is there a way to remove
> the violation from the sikhuence of versions while keeping the rest?
> phma

Yes I have mentioned this as a feature request before -- although I can't 
remember if it is on sourceforge or not. 

We are still technically violating copyright law by having this material in 
the page's history so I say providing an interface for sysops to delete a 
revision is a fairly high priority.

BTW, would a database query of "copyright violation" bring back all revisions 
and edit summaries that have this string in it?

PS - I'm also beggining to loose track of all the questions and answers of 
the various strings on this mailing list. A Slashcode implementation may be 
better for the mailing list real soon.

-- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)

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