[Wikipedia-l] New "Recent Changes" format

Jan Hidders hidders at uia.ua.ac.be
Fri Aug 16 00:15:20 UTC 2002

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 04:49:15PM -0700, lcrocker at nupedia.com wrote:
> Please go look at
> http://www.piclab.com/newwiki/wiki.phtml
> and give me feedback on the way it does "Recent changes".  There's
> still a bit of work to do on things like user settings for it,
> doing the same thing to the watchlist, and so on, but the page
> itself should be done and I'd like to get some reactions.

I miss a line that says that I am currently looking the last 50 or the ones
in the last 3 days.

It took me a minute or so to realize what the articles with the name '"'
were. So I'm not sure if that is really so intuitive. :-) Is that on purpose
or was it just easier to program? Perhaps an unlinked "idem" in italics?

-- Jan Hidders

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