[Wikipedia-l] Re:Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Aug 15 15:01:28 UTC 2002

>>They also seem to not like the fact that a "American for-profit .com company
>>that wants to establish a presence in the educational market* controls
>>Wikipedia (the .com part may be a directed toward wikipedia's URL and not
>>Bomis - my Spanish is rusty and the fish ain't much help).
>Perhaps the impending trickle influx of Marxist.org content will
>improve their opinion of our project?
I don't think that the philosophical inclinations of marxist.org will 
have as much bearing here as their experience in trying to maintain 
multi-language operations.  I haven't looked at their Spanish version, 
but that may be worth investigating.  Their internal debate over a 
Chinese language version may have a parallel with what's happening here.


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