[Wikipedia-l] Re:Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

Stephen Gilbert canuck_in_korea2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 15 02:14:51 UTC 2002

--- Daniel Mayer <maveric149 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This especially seems true for the English Wikipedia
> where there is/are (and 
> I roughly quote); article censorship and fear of
> censorship, where 
> administrators harass contributors and delete pages
> (stated in a way that 
> suggests this is a form of excessive censorship),
> and where those same 
> administrators block pages from being edited (again
> suggesting that this is 
> some kind of unfair censorship). 

It looks like the accusations of censorship are based
on a page thrown up by Simon J Kissane
(http://www.geocities.com/sj_kissane/). There was a
messy incident a while ago which prompted him to
create this page. They seem to be taking it as an
example of an ongoing policy of censorship,

I want to see the two Spanish projects merge once
again. I think working to set up the non-profit
organization would be a big step in the right

Stephen G.

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