[Wikipedia-l] Re:Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

Michael R. Irwin mri_icboise at surfbest.net
Wed Aug 14 22:04:26 UTC 2002

Daniel Mayer wrote:

> This especially seems true for the English Wikipedia where there is/are (and
> I roughly quote); article censorship and fear of censorship, where
> administrators harass contributors and delete pages (stated in a way that
> suggests this is a form of excessive censorship), and where those same
> administrators block pages from being edited (again suggesting that this is
> some kind of unfair censorship).

Is there any indication of how they handle editing content to avoid
this impression with new contributors?

> They also seem to not like the fact that a "American for-profit .com company
> that wants to establish a presence in the educational market* controls
> Wikipedia (the .com part may be a directed toward wikipedia's URL and not
> Bomis - my Spanish is rusty and the fish ain't much help).

Perhaps the impending trickle influx of Marxist.org content will
improve their opinion of our project?

> All I can say is that they sure have a twisted sense of how things really
> are.

This seems to occur occasionally/frequently with newcomers.  I wonder if 
we can improve the initial impression received somehow without
our long term goal.


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