[Wikipedia-l] Re:Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

Michael R. Irwin mri_icboise at surfbest.net
Thu Aug 15 04:30:01 UTC 2002

Stephen Gilbert wrote:
> --- Daniel Mayer <maveric149 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > This especially seems true for the English Wikipedia
> > where there is/are (and
> > I roughly quote); article censorship and fear of
> > censorship, where
> > administrators harass contributors and delete pages
> > (stated in a way that
> > suggests this is a form of excessive censorship),
> > and where those same
> > administrators block pages from being edited (again
> > suggesting that this is
> > some kind of unfair censorship).
> It looks like the accusations of censorship are based
> on a page thrown up by Simon J Kissane
> (http://www.geocities.com/sj_kissane/). There was a
> messy incident a while ago which prompted him to
> create this page. They seem to be taking it as an
> example of an ongoing policy of censorship,
> unfortunately.

I looked over this site and traced all the links.
It is very unfortunate that all of acknowledgment
of Simon's contributions appear to have been wiped
out by script transfer of content between software
phases.  For someone not familar with the GPL issues
Wikipedia has been grappling with and the loss of 
accreditation information across the board this
could easily look like selective censorship.

> I want to see the two Spanish projects merge once
> again. I think working to set up the non-profit
> organization would be a big step in the right
> direction.
> Stephen G.

It might also help to document in detail the effort
necessary and sufficient to successfully install and
setup a mirror server or fork.   That way they would
know that if the merge did not work out well they
could easily reestablish the separate project with
an enhanced database.

I have a spare system that I could use to attempt
this and document the process in detail.  This would
be viable for me only if the software developers deem 
it worthy of some serious coaching.  My familarity with Linux
is sketchy and with CVS/SQL close to nil.

Mike Irwin

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