[Wikipedia-l] How idiot-proofed is the 'move' feature?

Toby Bartels toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu
Tue Aug 6 02:06:26 UTC 2002

Lee Daniel Crocker (?) wrote:

>phma wrote:

>>I move that if B is a redirect to A, and you move A to B, the
>>software exchange the two pages.

>Can't do it--you have to move A to X, delete A, move B to A, delete
>B, move X to B, delete X.

Which is not what you want anyway, since then A redirects to itself, not to B.
Delete B, then move A to B, and you're done; A redirects to B automagically.
(Except, as always, you must fix other redirects to A by hand.)

-- Toby Bartels
   <toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu>

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