[Wikipedia-l] Edit Wars

lcrocker at nupedia.com lcrocker at nupedia.com
Tue Aug 6 02:12:15 UTC 2002

>Yes, it's not very wiki, and since we agree it's not vandalism (only 
deeply misguided and ill-informed political evangelism) then there's 
no reason to ban her either.  Though she is frustrating.

Vandalism isn't the /only/ possible reason to ban someone.  We banned 
Mr. "24" because he consistently refused to work with the community, 
undermined our goals, and made personal attacks.  If Helga continues 
to interfere with our job of making good articles, won't participate 
in our process, doesn't contribute in other ways, and eats up the 
time and energy of others here who /do/ contribute, then maybe 
banning is the right thing.

Or perhaps a new feature for non-vandals like them: being restricted 
to editing Talk pages only?

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