[Wikipedia-l] Curly brackets and teaching the unteachable

Julie Hofmann Kemp juleskemp at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 23:24:40 UTC 2002

Lars says:
Perhaps you mean Wend? The Vandals were a Germanic tribe that settled in
northern Africa, not northern Poland. The Wends lived in northern
Poland, but they were Slavs, not Germanic.
http://wwww.wikipedia.com/wiki/Vandal Or perhaps you just didn't mean
the "true" sense of the word. 
Jules says:
AARGH!!  I meant in the true wiki sense of the word,
oh-even-more-pedantic-than-I one!  Besides, I think we all know now that
she is Old Prussian, descended straight from the legendary Widewuto..


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