[Wikipedia-l] A slightly 'out there' suggestion for colour use

Michael R. Irwin mri_icboise at surfbest.net
Wed Aug 7 04:46:11 UTC 2002

Karen AKA Kajikit wrote:

> In paper encyclopedias they often use colour to help distinguish
> sections, and I know that the new tables are going to use colour as a
> feature, and the user pages have a pale coloured background to
> differentiate them from the main articles. Why not make an option to put
> a coloured header, or a coloured border, or a pale coloured background
> onto the Fictional pages to help identify them? When you hit the random
> button and landed up on a fictional page you'd see instantly by the pale
> pink (or whatever colour was decided) background.

IMHO (In my humble opinion)

It seems to me that in a well written "complete" article, fiction 
should be identified as such in the text.   Also, references to the 
author or discussion of literary factors should provide clues that 
the article is about fictional characters or events vs. reality.

Casual readers who hit the random button and land on a fictional
character or are looking at an article turned up in a search should
not need to known a lot of specialized formatting or color codes
to correctly understand the content.


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