[Wikimedia-l] Extensive feedback from WMDE to the FDC process

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 18:04:31 UTC 2014

Thanks to WMDE for the thoughtful and very interesting feedback to the FDC.
As an observer but not a participant, I found it very helpful in organizing
and restating the criticism we've all read about the FDC process. The
statement is highly constructive, and I understand why it doesn't get into
great detail about proposed changes (that would detract from the overview
nature of the statement).

The only off note was the declaration that WMDE plans to drive a reworking
of the FDC process at a time and place of its choosing, inviting "movement
entities" but not specifically the WMF. It needs to be recalled that the
funds available, and the primary channel for gathering those funds, belong
to the WMF and are under the sole final authority of the WMF's Board.
Dariusz' suggestion for Wikimania makes sense; so would a separate
convention for stakeholders organized by the FDC/WMF.

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