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Here is Wikimedia Israel report for September – November 2013:

Wiki Loves Monuments –

On October 15, WLM Israel has finally ended.


   7000 images of nearly  700 heritage sites and 100 artworks that are
   publicly accessible were uploaded to WikiCommons.

   Over 400 people took part in more than 30 tours and photography
   workshops initiated by Wikimedia Israel in collaboration with the Society
   for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.

   40 articles were published on the Israeli media (TV, Radio, Newspappers
   and Internet). See

   Tens of thousands people viewed  the tens’ winning photographs exhibit
   that were placed in one of the bussiest shopping centers in Israel.

   Thanks to the Israeli public who participated in the competition, Israel
   has maintained the 15th position in the ranking of international
   competition number of uploaded images.

   We published a blog post related at the Wikimedia Foundation Blog and
   you can watch it


Program activities


   - November 13, part of the EVA MINERVA 2013 Jerusalem Conference on the
   Digitisation of Cultural Heritage, a panel discussing the subject: Fashion
   Heritage On-line: Europeana Fashion & the GLAM-Wiki Community Worldwide - a
   Case Study.

   - As part of the Europeana Fashion
with the
   a two part  edit-a-thon were held at the Design Faculty, Holon Institute of
   Technology  (November 14, 21). During the edit-a-thon a lecture held by
   Marco Rendina, Technical Coordinator at Europeana Fashion.

GLAM: The National Library


   September - October - Sixteen sound
Jewish prayers were released on the occasion of the Jewish New Year.

   Also, the articles " Notes on the Jewish
   " De-Pierre Map <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De-Pierre_Map>", "Nolin
   Map <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nolin_Map>" and more, was translated
   and the entire
Uploaded on to WikiCommons.

   November - About 150 texts was selected from a collection of Hebrew
   manuscripts of the digital library, and was uploaded to Wikipedia.

   Hundreds of new files, including: books, photographs and audio files of
   jewish festival were released and uploaded to Wikicommons and Wikipedia
   and other wiki projects with the assistance of the National Library.

Lectures and Editing Workshops


   Middle-school teachers heard a lecture on Wikipedia as part of teacher
   training course dealing with the use of technology tools in the classroom.
   The lecture was filmed and can be seen

   November 4 - A lecture on Wikipedia was given to the faculty members and
   lecturers at the Department of Conservation of sites and monuments at
   Western Galilee College.

   November  5 – Following "Wiki Loves Monuments" contest, a special
   editing workshop was held for employees of the department of conservation
   of the Municipal Museum of History in Kiryat
   a city in north district of Israel.

   November 11 - Two lectures about Wikipedia were conducted in the
   Department of Public Administration, The School of Government and Social
   Policy, at Beit Berl College.

   November 12 - Another preface Lecture “What is Wikipedia?” was given at
   the The Hebrew University of Jerusalmen, to MA students at the Department
   of Archaeology and Ancient History.

   November 21 – Even in the Faculty of Medicine in
Zefat<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safed>- Bar Ilan University, they
asked for  a lecture a about Wikipedia.

Educational and Academic Collaborations


   October 24 - a lecture and an editing workshop was held for the Faculty
   and MA students at the  NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program Tel Aviv
   University, as part of an ongoing cooperation.

   October 28 – a Wiki lecture and an editing workshop, as a part of "
   writing Wikipedia articles as an academic task" project, at the "Analytics
   and Business Intelligence" course, for  M.A students of Computer
   Engineering, at Ben Gurion University.

   November 11 & 20 –  An editing workshop for gifted high school students
   was conducted at the National Library in Jerusalem as a part of a
   collaborator with an high school in Herzliya.

   November 18 & 25  - Two session workshop was held with teachers who
   specialized  teaching gifted and talented pupils.

Meetings and new initiatives


   Daily article - as of September 2013, Hebrew Wikipedia Community
   operates a daily service to send e-mail with recommended article from
   Wikipedia, historical events according to the Gregorian and Hebrew
   calendar, and a recommended photo.

   On Thursday, September 12, Wikipedia Israel maintained a stand at the
   "Night of Scientists" that was held on in Haifa University. At the event,
   research institutions and science museums from around Israel opened their
   doors to the public and offered a myriad of activities such as one-on-one
   meetings with scientists, lab tours, lectures, workshops, scientific
   demonstrations for the public and concerts. Volunteers from Wikipedia
   Israel distributed printed information and invited people to learn more
   about Wikipedia.

   September 15 – WikiAir project  - we had another flight as a part
of the collaborative
   project between Wikimedia Israel and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots
   Association (AOPA Israel) aimed at creating a freely-licensed collection of
   aerial photos of Israel.  You can see the new 100 photos

   November 15 - Elef Milim ) Thousand Words Tours) – a "thousand words
   tour  held to Jerusalem: there we visited Heichal
Shlomo<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heichal_Shlomo> and The
   National Institutions
tour was attended by about 20 Wikipedians and Jewish Agency employees,
    and there were over 200 new photos uploaded to Wiki Commons.

   October 23 -  A new collaboration between Wikimedia Israel and the
    Ministery for Senior Citizens in Israel. A tour at the National Library
   in Jerusalem, followed by a Wiki lecture and a practical editing
   Workshop was held for 30 Senior Citizens.

*Be’er Sheva Educational Initiative*

Be'er Sheva educational project - About a year ago, a Wikipedian who works
in the Be'er Sheva municipality proposed an ambitious educational project.
The idea was to encourage promising students from the 9th grade to write
articles about the city of Be'er Sheva and its surrounding areas. The
purpose of the project is to strengthen the identity and the students’
sense of responsibility in regard to the environment. In order to achieve
these goals, the project aims to create a large number of articles about
Be'er Sheva. The Education Department of the Municipality of Beer Sheva
adopted the project and several people made major efforts to make it
happen: the Municipal Educational Department’s Director, the Ministry of
Education’s Supervisor of the Teaching of Hebrew in the South of Israel and
senior teachers from all of the secondary schools in the city. A senior
Wikipedian heads the project working with the municipal Education

   - September 15 – A follow meeting was held to clarify further steps,
   including the creation of a list of articles with an encyclopedian
   importance ​​concerning Beer Sheva (history, places, people). For this
   purpose, steering committee will be formed, which will have representatives
   of Wikimedia and Wikipedia along with representatives of Department of
   Education in Be'er Sheva Municipality.
   - Also, there is an understanding that there will be a training required
   for teachers in order to establish familiarity with the rules, how to edit,
   reliable sources, and more.
   - October  7 - First lecture followed by a practical editing workshop
   for 25 teachers and district coordinators for language studies in high
   schools at the region.

Leadership Updates
From September to November we held 4 board working meetings and a general
assembly. The General Assembly authorized the board to extend the board
with two board members from outside the community. These two members aimed
to strengthen the board’s professional capabilities, bringing a new and
fresh take on processes and activities, and contributing from their
 extensive connections and experience.

   - Prof. Karine Nahon <http://ekarine.org/about/>: an associate professor
   at the Information School (University of Washington), faculty adjunct at
   the department of Communication, affiliated faculty at the Center for
   Communication and Civic Engagement and former director of the
Center for Information
   & Society in University of Washington.
   - Prof. [[Sheizaf Rafaeli <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheizaf_Rafaeli>]]
   is Professor and Dean at the School of Management (Graduate School of
   Business Administration) Haifa GSB, University of Haifa Israel and
   additionally Founder and Director of the Sagy Center for Internet
Research and
   the Games for Managers Project.

Also, the Assembly decided to accept the board recommendation and to select
external member of the community, Adi Zamir, as a member of the Audit
committee - a step that will increase the ability of the committee to
monitor and make external and independent review of the organization
activities, as part of the professionalism steps of Wikimedia Israel.

   - *Adi Zamir* has education and experience in various fields. She is a
   Senior Project manager, Training and organizational consultant for CEO's
   and lecturer at the academic college of Tel aviv–Yafo. Adi's brings to the
   audit committee her varied experience.

Press coverage


 ·       1.9 – ויקיפדיה העברית חוגגת את הערך ה-150
אלף<http://www.pc.co.il/?p=129622>  -
(PC News).

·    13.9 – צילום היסטורי  - (Hsharon local newspaper).

·    24.9 – ויקיפדיה: סדום ובה צדיק
אחד<http://www.news1.co.il/Archive/003-D-86851-00.html>– (News 1)


·         10.10 באוקטובר: יוסי גורוביץ, זרוק לי אלף דולר ואכתוב בויקיפדיה
שהמתחרים שלך גרועים<http://www.calcalist.co.il/internet/articles/1,7340,L-3613991,00.html>,

·         14.10 באוקטובר: ד"ר איתי גל, חדש בלימודי רפואה בת"א: קורס כתיבה
בוויקיפדיה <http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4440269,00.html>, אתר
Ynet <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ynet>

·         15.10 באוקטובר: ראיון עם שני
בגל"צ <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%92%D7%9C%22%D7%A6>.

·         16.10 באוקטובר: עידו אפרתי, קורס לסטודנטים לרפואה: כתיבת ערכים
בעיתון הארץ <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%94%D7%90%D7%A8%D7%A5>.

·         22.10 באוקטובר: ויקיפדיה סגרה יותר מ-250 חשבונות עורכים בחשד
לכתיבת ערכים בתשלום <http://www.themarker.com/wallstreet/1.2146498>, באתר The
Marker <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Marker>.


·         3.11 מי מחבל ב'ויקיפדיה'? האתר הפופולארי מגייס שומרי
באתר 103fm <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/103fm> - ראיון עם ליאור גלוגר
מתוך תוכנית הרדיו של גיא
ללא הפסקה<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A8%D7%93%D7%99%D7%95_%D7%9C%D7%9C%D7%90_%D7%94%D7%A4%D7%A1%D7%A7%D7%94>

·         13.11 בנובמבר: יעל בן ישראל, שיקיפדיה: אירוע מרתון ערכה להעלאת
המודעות לאופנה דיגיטלית<http://www.globes.co.il/news/article.aspx?did=1000893699>,
באתר גלובס <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%92%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%91%D7%A1>.

·         24.11 בנובמבר: טום סימונייט, שקיעתה של
באתר אלכסון<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%90%D7%9C%D7%9B%D7%A1%D7%95%D7%9F>

·         28.11 בנובמבר: יאיר מור, ויכוח בוויקיפדיה על מצבו הבריאותי של ספי
באתר mako <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mako>

·         29.11 בנובמבר: מתן צור, "אנשים עם ערכים", במגאזין "מוצ"ש" מבית מקור
ראיון עם חן
הכתיבה בוויקיפדיה

Wiki Loves Monuments Publications:

·         8.9-  זום וסיורים באתרי
באתר ערוץ 7 <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A2%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A5_7>.

·         12.9 - מורשת
מקור ראשון<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9E%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%A8_%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%9F>

·         13.9 -  בספטמבר: תומר ממיה, צילום היסטורי, מקומון צומת

·         15.9 - ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
בבלוג תפוז אנשים<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%AA%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%96_%D7%90%D7%A0%D7%A9%D7%99%D7%9D>

·         16.9 -  יוצאים
מוסף גלריה, עיתון הארץ<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%94%D7%90%D7%A8%D7%A5>

·         16.9 - תחרות 'ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי מורשת' נפתחה אתמול בישראל
חדשות ירוקות Eco99fm<https://he.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Eco99fm&action=edit&redlink=1>

·         17.9 - חול המועד סוכות 2013: כל הארועים בכל
אתר וואלה <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%95%D7%95%D7%90%D7%9C%D7%94>תיירות.

·         19.9 - תחרות הצילום הבינלאומית לצילום ותיעוד של אתרי
חדשות התיירות, באתר,

·         22.9 - בספטמבר: לאה סולומון יהושוע, ראיון עם אלעד בצלאלי, מנהל
מח' החינוך במועצה לשימור אתרי
שותפים לתשע, רדיו

·         24.9 -  הטיפ של אידית - אידית ממליצה על תחרות הצילום 'ויקיפדיה
אוהבת אתרי מורשת'<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9iobJg3Vpp0OUNod2l6dlQyNU0/edit?usp=sharing>,
פורסם ברשת מקומוני העיר<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%94%D7%A2%D7%99%D7%A8>

·         24.9 -  איריס לביא, ראיון עם דרור לין על מיזם צילומי אתרי מורשת
של ויקיפדיה<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9iobJg3Vpp0aGpuSkx2N1BIa0U/edit?usp=sharing>,
ימי הרדיו, רשת ב'<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A8%D7%A9%D7%AA_%D7%91%27>

·         28.9 - מיקי מירו, ראיון עם איציק אדרי, יו"ר ויקימדיה ישראל, תחרות
הצילום הבינ"ל 'ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
בדרך אל הטבע, רשת ב'<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A8%D7%A9%D7%AA_%D7%91%27>

·         30.9 - יגאל שילון, ראיון עם יאן נסונוב, הרכז הטכני של תחרות
ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
מסתובבים בלילה, גלי

·         8.10 - זום על ישראל: 10 תמונות מזווית
באתר ynet <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ynet>.

·         9.10 -  רינה רוזנברג, נמלי ת"א ויפו - המצולמים ביותר בתחרות
"ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
באתר The Marker <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Marker>.

·         10.10 - איריס ליפשיץ קלינגר, דברים טובים
ידיעות אחרונות<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%99%D7%93%D7%99%D7%A2%D7%95%D7%AA_%D7%90%D7%97%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A0%D7%95%D7%AA>

·         14.10 - גיא לרר, ראיון עם ג'ימי ווילס, מייסד ויקיפדיה בביקורו
בארץ, לרגל תחרות "ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
צינור לילה<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A6%D7%99%D7%A0%D7%95%D7%A8_%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%9C%D7%94>,
ערוץ 10 <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A2%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A5_10>.

·         15.10 - סדר יום חדש, ראיון עם איציק אדרי, יו"ר ויקימדיה
ערוץ 10 <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A2%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A5_10>.

·         4.11 - דן לביא, ויקי
מהדורת ישראל היום<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C_%D7%94%D7%99%D7%95%D7%9D>

·         4.11 - נדן פלדמן: מייסד ויקיפדיה: "אנחנו משפיעים על העולם יותר
מפייסבוק" <http://www.themarker.com/technation/1.2156349>, TechNation מאתר The
Marker <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Marker>.

·         7.11 - איריס לביא, ראיון עם דרור לין: ראש צוות התחרות: זוכי תחרות
ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
שש עם ענת דולב רשת

·         7.11 -  מאורי הירש, זוכי תערוכת צילומי ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
אקולייף, Eco99fm<https://he.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Eco99fm&action=edit&redlink=1>

·         7.11 - תחרות "ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי מורשת": 10 התמונות הישראליות
הזוכות <http://travel.walla.co.il/?w=/2501/2692326>, באתר

·         10.11 -  Zoom on Israel: Pics from different
באתר ynet <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ynet>.

·         12.11  -נמל יפו - האתר המצולם ביותר בתחרות
באתר פרוגי<https://he.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%D7%A4%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%92%D7%99&action=edit&redlink=1>

·         12.11 -  עפרה פסדר, המלצות
מקור ראשון<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9E%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%A8_%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%9F>

·         13.11 - מה קורה היום: תערוכת תחרות 'ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
במהדורה המודפסת של

·         14.11 -  ליעד בר גיל, סדר יום חדש, בילויים לסופ"ש: תערוכה
בדיזינגוף סנטר בשם
ערוץ 10 <https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A2%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A5_10>.

·         14.11 - סמנו לעצמכם: הדברים החמים שיעשו לכם את השבוע - תערוכת
ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי
מגזין פנאי פלוס<https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A4%D7%A0%D7%90%D7%99_%D7%A4%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%A1>

·         23.11 - עידו גנוט, נועם ערמון: לא נרדמת תל
באתר הצילום "Mega Pixel <http://www.megapixel.co.il/>".

Blog posts


   September 15<http://www.wikimedia.org.il/%D7%AA%D7%97%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%94%D7%A6%D7%99%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%9D-%D7%94%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A0%D7%9C%D7%90%D7%95%D7%9E%D7%99%D7%AA-%D7%95%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%99%D7%A4%D7%93%D7%99%D7%94-%D7%90%D7%95%D7%94-2/>-
International Photography Contest Wikipedia loves Monuments" 2013
   today in concurrence to 52 more countries.

    October 2<http://www.wikimedia.org.il/%D7%90%D7%92%D7%95%D7%93%D7%AA-%D7%94%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%95%D7%93%D7%A0%D7%98%D7%99%D7%9D-%D7%9E%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%93-%D7%94%D7%97%D7%95%D7%A5-%D7%95%D7%A2%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%AA%D7%AA-%D7%95%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%99/>-
Student Association, the Foreign Ministry and Wikimedia Israel invite
   - researchers, students and academics to join the Wikipedia community and
   integrate writing Wikipedia articles in teaching as an academic task.

   November 7<http://www.wikimedia.org.il/%D7%90%D7%99%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%A2-%D7%A1%D7%99%D7%95%D7%9D-%D7%95%D7%94%D7%9B%D7%A8%D7%96%D7%94-%D7%A2%D7%9C-%D7%94%D7%96%D7%95%D7%9B%D7%99%D7%9D-%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-%D7%91%D7%AA%D7%97/>-
Closing Event and announcing the winners on "Wiki Loves Monuments"
   contest in Israel.


Chen Davidi

Activity Coordinator

Wikimedia Israel
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