[Wikimedia-l] Relationship between Wikimedia and oDesk

MZMcBride z at mzmcbride.com
Wed Jan 8 07:30:17 UTC 2014


Can anyone explain the relationship between Wikimedia and oDesk?


As I understand it, the Wikimedia Foundation uses oDesk with contractors
to track their hours. (Right?)

But it also appears to be a job board of some kind. It seems like a hybrid
of LinkedIn and Craigslist, though I haven't looked carefully and I'm
still lightly poking around. It seems like the kind of place where you can
post Wikipedia paid editing services. If this is part of oDesk, does
anyone know roughly how many people offer or buy these services?

Regarding paid editing, Jimmy reiterated his stance on his talk page
saying "I very very strongly condemn such editing, and this is no
exception" and expressing his "usual principled objections to such
things in the strongest possible terms."


I think the underlying issue deserves a discussion, apart from particular


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