[Wikimedia-l] Wikidata, templates, Modules Lua

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Sun Jan 5 12:23:54 UTC 2014

> On sv:wp we are several hundreds of competent and active contributers.
> Many of these have limited technical competence, so it will only be
> about a third of these able to enter iw links in wikidata and writing a
> template. This still leaves a few hundreds who easily supports the other
> 2/3rds with this competence
> But when in comes understand the other parts of Wikidata and how to get
> that data into articles and templates, the number dwindles leaving only
> about 50 understanding this. It is still enough to discuss and give
> general broader support but it is starting to become a bottleneck in
> implementing broader usage of Wikidata. Then we come to the fact that
> for a successful implementation you need to develop Modules written i
> Lua. And here it is needed full programming comptence, and on sv:wp
> there will only be 5-10 having this level of competence. And this then
> becomes a subcritical mass as these persons  do not have the ambition to
> develop Modules for others. Also two of these competent ones are
> employed by WMSE, perhaps this is typical, if you have that level of
> competence you will be very busy in your paid profession as sw developer.
> We are now in a discussions in WMSE and the community if it would be
> acceptable that chapter resources help in writing Lua code in Modules
> for people in the community in need but lacking that competence? It is
> not a volume or cost issue as it is still no major effort, but more a
> principle one  if if can be Ok in this way to make the Chapter not only
> support the community but also in this direct way creating thing for
> Wikipedia.
> Are there experince from other communities or chapters on this dilemma?
> Anders

If I can do it by myself on Wikinfo, a few people fluent in Swedish and
English can do it for the Swedish Wikipedia; all you need to do is copy
the Wikipedia modules and suitably translate English language into
Swedish where needed.


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