[Wikimedia-l] Thoughts on Admin Rights on WMF Wiki (and other things)

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Sun May 26 09:47:14 UTC 2013

Deryck Chan, 26/05/2013 11:27:
> In contrast to my post in the original thread (that I'm sceptical about how
> long WMF wiki will survive without volunteer admins), I do think the WMF is
> allowed their own piece of turf.
> In general, when there's an "owner" of a WMF-hosted wiki, we generally
> allow the "owner" group to have totalitarian control over who gets
> adminship of the wiki. (eg. chapter wikis, Wikimania wikis - I'm grateful
> that thehelpfulone respected the WM2013's local team's request to not grant
> adminship to anyone without the team's explicit approval.)

Sure. Except that in those cases it's clear who's in charge, for 
instance the wikimania team. Who's in charge of the wiki here? How many 
other times does this need to be asked?


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