[Wikimedia-l] movement blog, not WMF blog, was: Go away, community (from WMF wiki at least)

Fae faewik at gmail.com
Mon May 13 12:00:08 UTC 2013

On 13 May 2013 12:54, Craig Franklin <cfranklin at halonetwork.net> wrote:
> All other things aside, misspelling the person's name and then calling them
> an "asshole" is hardly likely to lead to an amicable solution, peace, love,
> or understanding, is it?

That's correct. However I think we all recognize, that if you call
someone an asshole on an email list, then bang, you automatically lose
any debate. After that language, there is no real need to make any
reply, in fact as a rhetorical strategy, it is the much better option
to walk away rather than attempting to argue and making it appear than
there are two "sides" to the argument.

In fact, I see this gave Huib the opportunity to now apologise for
using the word. So now we are left with poorly judged emails on public
record from both "sides" for ever. Not great.

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