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Tilman Bayer tbayer at wikimedia.org
Mon May 13 11:35:28 UTC 2013

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 4:09 AM, Huib Laurens <sterkebak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Tillman,
> For the record, the time between your e-mail and my request why the rights
> where removed is FOUR days.

That's a completely wrong statement. I emailed you as soon as I
removed you from the wikimedia-blog list.

> So yes. I stay by my claim I had to find
> information myself. And showing the mails its visible that Jay didn't know
> about the fact you removed me either.

Which happened four months later. I guess we will have to accept your
criticism that Jay does not possess clairvoyant powers ;)

> So NO you didn't leave me a note when
> you did it. I get your note four days later.

Again you appear to be at least confusing things here, if not making
them up outright.

> Other volunteers also said they where removed, and I will not post that
> kind of e-mails online. But on the other mailing threat there you can read
> it yourself also.
> When I was placed on the Wikimedia Blog I was already blocked by the Dutch
> Wikipedia, That was no problem for Jay, Erik or the other people I worked
> with? When I was blocked on the dutch Wikipedia I was also a moderator on
> Commons, Meta, Incubator and a Member of the LangCOM and the LiCOM.
> So now your saying: You where / are blocked so you can't be trusted? I
> guess that makes you a complete asshole. Since the blocks and NL.wiki and
> lots of other wiki's are made of complete bullshit.

Well, as I said in my Nov 2011 email, I did not want to pass judgment
on your edits on other wikis, mainly because I hadn't fully read the
discussions reading to these blocks. But let's link those on Meta, so
others can make up their mind whether they were "bullshit":




Regarding "no problem for Jay, Erik or the other people I worked
with", the first link has a comment by Philippe where he says that you
"deception ... certainly shatters any expectation of trust with me".

> On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM, Tilman Bayer <tbayer at wikimedia.org> wrote:
>> Hi Huib,
>> thanks for correcting your earlier claim in the main thread that you
>> were never notified about this kind of thing (although unfortunately
>> this correction comes only after your claim already contributed to
>> leaving MZ "a little speechless" and feeling "more and more ...
>> distanced from" Wikimedia).
>> I can confirm that this is the text of an email I sent you on November
>> 16, 2011 when removing you from what was originally the blog comment
>> moderators list - with one crucial difference however:
>> On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 2:47 AM, Huib Laurens <sterkebak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi Huib,
>> >
>> > we are currently reorganizing the internal communication about the
>> > Foundation's blog, and in the process have just removed your
>> subscription.
>> > The list is going to see more confidential information in the future, and
>> > we want to focus membership more on people who need to know it.
>> Curiously, here you left out one sentence from my 2011 email:
>> "And while I don't want to pass judgment over your work on the
>> projects, the fact that you are currently blocked on Meta etc. makes
>> it difficult to justify keeping your access at the moment."
>> > I want to
>> > emphasize that this has nothing to do with your conduct as list member,
>> and
>> > that your interest in and support for the WMF blog (e.g. tweeting new
>> > posts) is appreciated. You can still send messages to the list, they will
>> > just need to go through moderation.
>> >
>> > --
>> > Tilman Bayer
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>> >
>> >
>> > Strange that the blog is "internal" communications.
>> You mean that https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimedia-blog
>> is not a public mailing list? It is my understanding that it was
>> originally created solely as a channel of notifications about new blog
>> comments that needed to be moderated; these obviously should not be
>> public. Later there were efforts to make it more into a venue of
>> internal coordination about the blog, although these did not quite pan
>> out.
>> >
>> > Even stranger is that Erik asked to create my account, he was completly
>> ok
>> > with it. So I'm not sure what the information on the blog is so secret
>> that
>> > no volunteers can see it...
>> Actually, you were the only volunteer removed at that point in 2011 -
>> there were at least four volunteers who I think are still on the list.
>> As indicated in the part of my email that you chose to quietly
>> suppress, a main reason to handle your case differently was that you
>> were at that time indefinitely blocked by the community on more than
>> one wiki (to cite the block log entry from nlwiki: "Abusing multiple
>> accounts: general project disruption and cross-wiki disruption; trying
>> to evade bans on other projects, running unapproved bots and so on.
>> block per RfC and cu evidence." )
>> The fact that you are now trying to make your case by posting tampered
>> emails reinforces my confidence that it was the right decision to
>> remove you from this position of trust.
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