[Wikimedia-l] OSM iD Editor: how a nice editing interface could engage users

James Forrester jforrester at wikimedia.org
Wed May 8 18:06:44 UTC 2013

On 8 May 2013 08:38, Tom Morris <tom at tommorris.org> wrote:

> Yesterday, OpenStreetMap launched iD, an in-browser editor so that you can
> edit the map.
> You no longer need to download JOSM, the desktop application, or use
> Potlatch, a Flash-based application.
> When you start using iD, it gives you an introductory guide on how to
> edit. The app is designed to let newbies start editing very quickly and
> easily, without having to go and read documentation or a load of other
> cruft.
> It's an amazing bit of open source work and has the potential for making
> it dramatically easier for new users to jump in and make their first edit,
> and then get utterly addicted.
> There's a site about it here:
> http://ideditor.com/
> Blog post about it from the official OSM blog:
> http://blog.openstreetmap.org/2013/05/07/openstreetmap-launches-all-new-easy-map-editor-and-announces-funding-appeal/
> My off-the-cuff reactions:
> http://tommorris.org/posts/8264 ;)
​Yes, the iD editor is fantastic and OSM (with the Knight Foundation's
help) should be proud of themselves.​

> Now the Foundation just need to do the same for Wikipedia and the other
> Wikimedia projects with VisualEditor, right...?

​Well, we'll do our best. (Note, BTW, that it's not just WMF that's
involved in the development of VisualEditor and we're delighted to take on
volunteers! Don't give WMF all the credit.)

I don't think we'll have the time to make a whizzy "introduction" like iD
has before the beta launches, but we're keen to do something similar in the
short-term after that, probably working with the E3 team to extend the
"Guided Tours" tool.

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