[Wikimedia-l] OSM iD Editor: how a nice editing interface could engage users

Tom Morris tom at tommorris.org
Wed May 8 15:38:13 UTC 2013

Yesterday, OpenStreetMap launched iD, an in-browser editor so that you can edit the map. 

You no longer need to download JOSM, the desktop application, or use Potlatch, a Flash-based application.

When you start using iD, it gives you an introductory guide on how to edit. The app is designed to let newbies start editing very quickly and easily, without having to go and read documentation or a load of other cruft.

It's an amazing bit of open source work and has the potential for making it dramatically easier for new users to jump in and make their first edit, and then get utterly addicted.

There's a site about it here:

Blog post about it from the official OSM blog:

My off-the-cuff reactions:
http://tommorris.org/posts/8264 ;)

Now the Foundation just need to do the same for Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects with VisualEditor, right...? 

Tom Morris

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