[Wikimedia-l] The world's most efficient charity?

Fae faewik at gmail.com
Tue May 7 17:06:24 UTC 2013

Interesting case of a low percentage of common sense.

At the moment, I believe that none of our chapters publish figures or
estimates for the ratio between admin, fundraising and admin work, even
if we publish detailed annual reports. Personally, I don't feel we are
in a strong position to be amused by inadequate reporting by other
organizations when we are not clear on this ourselves.

It would be a great improvement to transparency if I could say, even
roughly, whether
my own chapter were spending 90%, 80% or 70% of our donated funds and
grants on planned charitable outcomes, rather than having no figures, and
having to defend the position of not knowing and finding
reasons why we would never try to calculate it from the figures
sitting in our reports. If it turns out that less than 70% of the
money was being spent on the outcomes defined in our shared mission,
this might encourage us to look rather carefully at exactly where the
rest was going, don't you think?

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