[Wikimedia-l] fiction: WMF policy of paying less than market

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 16:16:09 UTC 2013

In fact, not one single non-anonymous person has ever said anything
different than what Marc just posted (as far as I know). James Salsman
is alone in his crusade; the people he believes he is "fighting for"
evidently don't desire his help. My suspicion is that this all goes
back to his attempt to convince the Foundation to pay administrators,
and perhaps editors, for their efforts.

In June he argued on this list about his "survey", and accused
Foundation employees of lying to him and others about the research
policy. In October, he hinted that he had conducted an additional
survey that revealed a substantial proportion of Wikipedia
administrators are living in poverty; while he refused to reveal this
data or how he conducted his survey until some undefined legal issues
are resolved, he used it to protest the decision of the FDC to not
permit funding to individual editors.

Between that time and the end of the year, in addition to asking the
Foundation to advise the Secretary of Defense to invalidate patents,
James Salsman accused Foundation employees of lying to the public and
to the Board about fundraising and proposed a resolution of the Board
that would restore funding to various programs that, in some cases,
result in salaries to some editors. Again in February he raised the
issue of providing compensation to "impoverished long-term
contributors", Wikinews contributors and professional fact-checkers.

On his linked mission to pay editors and improve the pay of junior
Foundation staff, James is virtually alone. In the 8 or so months that
he has been posting to Wikimedia mailing lists, rarely if ever has
anyone expressed support for either effort. And yet he is not

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