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Katie Chan ktc at ktchan.info
Mon Jun 3 09:57:33 UTC 2013

On 03/06/2013 10:49, Ziko van Dijk wrote:
> The case already cost money to the WMF, because of the time invested by our
> legal counsel. As with the Loriot stamps and the office action then, it's
> not worth to loose (even more) money for it. That might look different in a
> different legal system and with better odds.
> I am not quite happy with making this a moral question about 'standing up
> to bullies', Peter. If you want to fight bullying, there is a lot to do
> within the Wikipedia editing community...
> Kind regards
> Ziko

This has already been raised in this thread, but I want to emphaise can 
we please not equate everyone who enforces their trademarks as bullies. 
If a trademark holder do not enforces their trademark, they lose the 
trademark. Enforcing ones trademark is what a trademark holder is 
suppose to do. Now we can argue that the WTO is being overly broad in 
their interpretation of the similarity between the two logos, then the 
question becomes whether the Wikivoyage logo is worth spending the money 
fighting over.


Katie Chan
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