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Florence Devouard anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 08:18:00 UTC 2012

On 11/26/12 8:10 AM, Zack Exley wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have some information on the fundraiser launch to share.  We are still
> planning on launching Monday, November 26, but we're going to make a change
> this year in the timing of campaigns around the world.
> Every year, as we get closer to the launch date, we test more frequently
> and discover new messages and designs that make the fundraiser much more
> efficient (i.e. more money per day, shorter fundraiser, fewer and/or
> smaller banners).
> In the past couple weeks, we've discovered some new designs and messages
> that we believe will let us shorten the fundraiser by a lot -- *and* make
> the banners much smaller than they've typically been.
> But we don't have time to adapt these to all the countries and languages in
> the world right away. This has pushed us to do something we've known is the
> right thing to do for some time.
> We're going to run this end of year campaign only in 5 countries (US, CA,
> GB, AU & NZ) and then spend three months meticulously localizing and
> translating (and testing for new purely local messages) before running the
> global campaign in all other counties, in which our best messages and
> designs developed in December will be used across the world.
> We will use the time over the next month to run short tests of various
> messages and payment options in other languages and countries in
> preparation for the global campaign that we'll run in April.  So people in
> the five-country campaign will still only see a campaign once a year (in
> December).  And people in all other countries will still only see a
> campaign once a year (in April).


Very practical question...

4 chapters are currently also fundraising (right now, at the usual time 

Does that mean that that the WMF will fundraise in these countries in 
April whilst chapters will also fundraise in these countries in 
nov-january ? (which mean they will see two campaigns ?)

And does "all other countries" mean "everywhere BUT US, CA, GB, AU, NZ, 
France, Switzerland and Germany ?"


> *Everyone, everywhere will only see one campaign per year* -- unless they
> happen to travel from, say, the US in December to India in April.
> We're excited about breaking the campaign up for several reasons.  Over the
> next month, we will be able to focus on testing and finding the best
> messages.  The new "Facts" banners have opened up more testing possibilites
> for us, and we'll learn a lot about our messages in the next month, while
> we can test 24 hours per day.  We'll use the lessons learned from the
> December five-country campaign and spend the next three months applying
> them correctly and testing multiple versions in other languages and
> countries.
> What we've learned over the past few years is that the same messages tend
> to win all over the world. But that translating short, colloquial
> fundraising messages takes a long time and many translators to get right.
> And we're finding a new "best" message basically every day. We don't think
> it's good if only English readers are getting our best messages.
> So overall, we think we'll be able to run both the English banners and the
> multilingual banners better by breaking up the campaign.
> Our volunteer translators have already done a ton of work translating our
> current best messages -- and we are very thankful! We're using all of those
> translations now, in our testing and they will be the basis of the April
> campaign. We will be engaging the community of volunteers, donors and
> readers even more in the coming months to optimize the translations of the
> new messages and ramp up testing in various languages.  Moreover, there are
> technical updates to the translation system that we'll be able to use
> during the April campaign that are not released yet.
> We are looking forward to more of our readers receiving better messages and
> donation experiences in countries around the world.
> More info to come! Instead of replying to this thread, please comment
> on the Fundraiser
> 2012 meta discussion page:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Fundraising_2012
> Zack & Megan,
> WMF fundraising
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