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Megan Hernandez mhernandez at wikimedia.org
Sat Nov 17 00:30:23 UTC 2012

Hello again,

The 24-hour test came down earlier today.  Overall, the test went really
well and helped us prepare even better for the full launch.

We raised nearly $2 million USD from more than 130,000 donors.  (FYI, our
best day last year was $1.2 million.)

We plan to run short tests next week and then launch 100% on Monday,
November 26.

 Two main goals this year (other than raising the budget), are to shorten
the length of the fundraiser and to educate our readers about Wikipedia.
 These new banners with the facts will help us reach these goals.  The
personal appeal banners from previous years are not working as well
anymore, and the facts banners are bringing in a lot more donations.  We're
still testing new variations, so you'll be seeing different versions over
the next weeks.

Thank you to everyone who helped us identify improvements to make on
translations, form elements, and the overall user experience in different
countries.  We got a lot of good feedback yesterday on improvements to make
over the next week before launching 100%.  Please keep sending in
suggestions or fixes if you spot something in the short tests next week:

And now for my favorite part, check out some comments from our donors who
want to thank you:

** Um, thanks for everything? Whenever I've needed to know anything for
work, school, or a sudden interest in the French Revolution at 2am, BOOM,
Wikipedia, knowledge gained. I'm probably 17 IQ points smarter because of
Wiki at my fingertips. You're "le best," as the French revolutionaries
would say.*
** There is nothing more important than the freedom of knowledge.*
** this site helps my creativity*
** about 80% of my knowledgebase is thanks to you guys. Without your work
I'd be dumb as a post. :) -Anonymous genetic engineer*
** Thank you for being 50% responsible for my college learning experience.*
*You guys are bringing such a huge gift to society. I know you guys
probably work like dogs to cite everything, but it is all worth it! Be
proud of what you do and how you give the greatest gift anyone could have :
**A haiku for you: Wikipedia, what a team you are, stay fly Wikipedia.*
** I trust Wikipedia. I assume your volunteer editors are competent,
learned, well-educated, and strongly devoted to their work. I salute them.*
** I love Wiki! Need it in my life!*
** BRAVO!!!*
** my creativity has been able to flourish due to the information available
and references by wiki. thank you*
** To the Wikipedia editors and contributors: I want to thank you for your
hard work and dedication to providing reliable, clearly organized, and well
written information on a wide variety of topics. You make a world of
information available to anyone with computer internet access. You are
greatly appreciated (especially by students like me). Keep up the good work
and high standards for information and references.*
** I don't know if this message will reach anybody but: I have immense
respect for what you do. The temptation to monetize on what is clearly a
multibillion dollar product must be immense. The fact that Wikipedia
recognizes its value to society and chooses to provide such a wonderful
service to everyone, solely because the organization believes that it is
the right thing to do, is inspiring. I tip my hat to the founders and all
of its employees.  (yes, this guy got a response from us:) *
** You wikiplete me.*
*I have used Wikipedia every day for the past... Decade, perhaps. It has
helped infinitely in making me a successful person, and not just in
business. I will always be grateful for this wonderful resource, and for
the people behind it.*

* And here's donor feedback on the banners: *

**You did it the right way, I think most people realize what a treasure
trove of information Wikipedia has and your message was simple and honest,
no tug-at-the-heartstrings kind of stuff. Appeals to smart people.*
** "This big, plain blue banner really caught my eye, and its message was
simple yet powerful. So I gave my 5$."*
**I liked the non-intrusive but catchy banner and the quick payment option.*
**Really like the philosophy, the information and the layout.*
** The banner I clicked on felt simple and honest, and it reminded me that
Wikipedia is a global resource which needs funding to pay for its resource
** when put very straight-forwardly, honestly, and especially factually, I
felt a bigger obligation to donate*
** "I've seen requests for donations before,but never as grabbing as this
one. The blue and white, the boldness, made me pay attention."*
** i clicked b/c for once the fund-drive banner was green instead of dismal
gray. *
** " Being blue they aren't too invasive. They also made me chill a little
and think about how great Wiki is."*

Thank you & have a great weekend!


On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 8:07 AM, Megan Hernandez
<mhernandez at wikimedia.org>wrote:

> Hi all,
> We're running a 24-hour fundraising test today, Thursday, Nov. 15. We're
> using today to test out our tech systems with 100% of our traffic, as well
> as to refine our estimate on the money we'll raise.  The results of this
> full-day test will determine when and how we run the full fundraising
> campaign.  A big goal for the fundraising team is to reduce the total
> number of fundraising days this year.  We'll learn more about how much we
> can reduce the fundraiser with the results of this 1-day test.
> We're planning to take the banners down after 24 hours running, and then
> to bring them back up after a few days.
> We will adjust that launch date, depending on how the 24 hour test goes.
>  We'll update you as we get more information.
> A couple notes about the banners that are running today:
> * The banners look different from previous years.  We are putting key
> facts from the fundraising appeal directly into the banner to educate all
> our readers about who we are and how we work.  This could maybe make it
> possible to run much smaller banners next year.
> * We're testing a variety of messages, donation forms, banner colors and
> styles throughout the day.
> * Banners will run worldwide from Thursday 17:00 UTC to Friday 17:00 UTC.
> * We're only running to anonymous users today.
> We're collecting feedback and comments on the Fundraiser 2012 meta
> discussion page: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Fundraising_2012
>  If you spot an error or something we can improve for the donor experience,
> please leave us a note there.
> We'll be sending around more information as we learn more over the next
> days and weeks.
> Thanks,
> Megan
> --
> Megan Hernandez
> Head of Annual Fundraiser
> Wikimedia Foundation


Megan Hernandez

Head of Annual Fundraiser
Wikimedia Foundation

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