[Wikimedia-l] The new narrowed focus by WMF

J Alexandr Ledbury-Romanov alexandrdmitriromanov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 09:46:27 UTC 2012

That is not wholly accurate. There was a news brief in the 8th of October
issue of *The Signpost*[1] which in addition to individual subscriptions is
also sent to wikimedia-l.

*WMF to narrow its focus?*: Sue
> the executive director of the WMF, has published<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Sue_Gardner/Narrowing_focus>her planned recommendation for the WMF's October board meeting. Gardner
> hopes that by "ceas[ing] some activities (or possibly distribut[ing] them
> to other movement players)", the WMF will be able to "focus more tightly on
> high-priority activities that are central to its mandate and mission ...
> [making the WMF] somewhat less over-mandated and thinly stretched, and
> therefore better able to plan, predict and execute."


2012/11/1 ENWP Pine <deyntestiss at hotmail.com>

> I appreciate the comments of Jan-Bart and DeltaQuad regarding process and
> openness, although I feel that we're veering off topic a little from the
> subject of COIs.
> Since we're veering anyway, I would like to make a distinction between
> providing openness and providing notice. To the best of my ability to see,
> Sue's deliberations weren't announced here on Wikimedia-l by anyone from
> WMF. I appreciate Sue having the discussion in the open, but I think the
> notice to the community that these deliberations were happening was little
> to none from what I can tell. Notice to Wikimedia-l and Research-l was
> provided by me (not anyone from WMF) when I found the proposal's pages a
> mere two days before Sue's stated wrap-up date of October 14. From my point
> of view, the absence of notice to the community via this list was a
> communications shortcoming that I feel is worrisome. I informed a staffer
> of this on his talk page but he didn't acknowledge my comment, which
> further heightens my concern about communications gaps, so if someone at
> WMF could tell me to whom I should address my concern about these
> communications issues, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Pine
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