[Wikimedia-l] The new narrowed focus by WMF

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 09:14:18 UTC 2012

I appreciate the comments of Jan-Bart and DeltaQuad regarding process and 
openness, although I feel that we're veering off topic a little from the 
subject of COIs.

Since we're veering anyway, I would like to make a distinction between 
providing openness and providing notice. To the best of my ability to see, 
Sue's deliberations weren't announced here on Wikimedia-l by anyone from 
WMF. I appreciate Sue having the discussion in the open, but I think the 
notice to the community that these deliberations were happening was little 
to none from what I can tell. Notice to Wikimedia-l and Research-l was 
provided by me (not anyone from WMF) when I found the proposal's pages a 
mere two days before Sue's stated wrap-up date of October 14. From my point 
of view, the absence of notice to the community via this list was a 
communications shortcoming that I feel is worrisome. I informed a staffer of 
this on his talk page but he didn't acknowledge my comment, which further 
heightens my concern about communications gaps, so if someone at WMF could 
tell me to whom I should address my concern about these communications 
issues, I would appreciate it.



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