[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] 2012-13 Annual Plan of the Wikimedia Foundation

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Sun Jul 29 09:11:25 UTC 2012

> Well, despite my best efforts, the discussion has been redirected 
> back to <
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_budget#2012-13>
> In other words, it is now on the bottom of a discussion page that has 
> not
> been touched in 3 years simply because it says something about the 
> budget.  I'm sorry, but whenever we're having a discussion about $46
> million, I think it deserves its own page.  Not to mention the fact 
> that
> this annual plan (which is a bit different than a budget) isn't even 
> in the
> same league as the ones from 2004-2009.  Nothing on the actual 
> Wikimedia
> budget page[1] is up to date, and it doesn't even include the links 
> that
> Tilman started this thread with.  Perhaps a bit more budget in the 
> area of
> community engagement is called for here.
> Risker/Anne

I am probably to slow to follow real-time developments, but right now 
the discussion is on the top of the page, everything else was archived. 
For me, this is fine, may be it is indeed easier to use just one page 
and not to get distracted over multiple pages.


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