[Wikimedia-l] Apparently, Wikipedia is ugly

Michel Vuijlsteke wikipedia at zog.org
Wed Jul 25 15:22:33 UTC 2012

On 25 July 2012 15:57, Kim Bruning <kim at bruning.xs4all.nl> wrote:

> That's default web behaviour. If you want narrower columns, just make the
> browser window narrower.
> * If your answer is "Some people don't know how to use a browser"...
> well...
>   ARGH

Most people never resize their browser windows.
If your answer is "Most people are stupid and don't *deserve* a better
reading experience"… well, sum, yeah. There's that.

> * Else If your answer is "Lets make it narrower for everyone (including us
>   who *do* know how to use Windows Icons Menus and Pointers) whether they
>   want to or not."   I KEEEEL YOU

It's not about making it "narrower". It's about making it *better*.
Analogy: "Let's reduce the amount of words in the lede" <> "Let's make the
lede better".

> * Else If your answer is "better DTPishlayout control in CSS, including
> some sane way to
>   do proper columnated text": YES YES, 1000 TIMES YES!

Column layout on scrolling web pages doesn't make a lot of sense.
Some additional "DTP-ish" layout control in CSS would be nice, sure, but
that's not the point.

> * Else If other: Ok, go ahead, I'm listening? :-)

Well, see points raised earlier. Making Wikipedia easier to read and use is
not just mollycoddling lazy users who "should know better".


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