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On this agenda, could you give more detail about the topic "Paid editing discussion"? There is a current discussion on EN at the Village Pump regarding, among other things, PR personnel who edit on Wikipedia in ways that might violate NPOV and COI policy. It would be good to know if the Board is taking up this specific subject. Alternatively, if "paid editing discussion" instead is about editors which will be paid by WMF to edit, I think the community would want to know that this is will be discussed.



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> Hi all,
> The WMF Board of Trustees is planning our winter meeting for next
> weekend. The draft agenda is posted here for comment:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Board_Meetings/February_3-4,_2012
> This is a very full agenda, focusing on three main topics: the WMF
> annual planning process for 2012/2013, fundraising and funds
> dissemination models, and the movement roles process.
> -- Phoebe
> (Board of Trustees Secretary, 2011-2012)
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