[Foundation-l] Blink tag jokes are now obsolete.

Risker risker.wp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 02:23:23 UTC 2012

On 31 December 2011 19:36, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton at gmail.com> wrote:

> <snip>

> It got worse. They changed it to "Wikimedia Executive Director" and
> when it was pointed out that it should be "Wikimedia Foundation
> Executive Director" Philippe (who was running the fundraiser last
> year) said (on 13 December 2010 on the Fundraising mailing list, which
> is private so I can't give a link): "So yeah, we're doing everything
> we can to maximize the income." (I won't quote the entire paragraph,
> but the context is essentially "Yeah, we know there are problems with
> these banners but they raise money so we're going to do it anyway.")
> It is, as you say, a very disconcerting attitude.

Enough, Thomas.  After a reasonable explanation of the actions taken today,
you are now dredging up complaints about *last year's* fundraiser.  The
actions you're complaining about above were not repeated this year.  This
is called "learning from experience", and it is a talent that is highly
prized within the WMF family of projects.  After all, there is not a one of
us who has not made an error in action or judgment.

Please stop.


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