[Wikimedia-l] conversations between WMF and non-English projects

Michael Peel michael.peel at wikimedia.org.uk
Sat Aug 4 17:25:56 UTC 2012

There's a very strong selection bias on this list towards those that can read English, and those that have the time to follow very long, convoluted discussions. ;-) I think Ziko's talking more about a low-traffic list with key issues/points concisely described, which is completely different from this list, or any other currently in existence.

(Note that there are currently 775 project wikis, of which only a few percent are in the English language - see [[Special:SiteMatrix]] on your favourite project wiki.)


On 4 Aug 2012, at 05:22, Rjd0060 wrote:

> What is wrong with just using this (and other lists, as appropriate)
> for this?  Not only can every community participate, it isn't
> restricted to another group of users ... everybody can!
> -- 
> Ryan
> User:Rjd0060
> On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Ziko van Dijk <vandijk at wmnederland.nl> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I repeat my proposal that every wiki-website ("project") should
>> install a (international) contact person, and these contact persons
>> should be following a mailing list with specified information for
>> them. They inform the wiki-website-community about important issues on
>> the village pump or via another way.
>> We have seen that purely informal positions (the self-appointed
>> "ambassadors") don't work.
>> Kind regards
>> Ziko

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