[Wikimedia-l] conversations between WMF and non-English projects

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Sun Aug 5 08:36:55 UTC 2012

On Sat, 4 Aug 2012 14:12:08 +0200, Ziko van Dijk wrote:
> Hello,
> I repeat my proposal that every wiki-website ("project") should
> install a (international) contact person, and these contact persons
> should be following a mailing list with specified information for
> them. They inform the wiki-website-community about important issues 
> on
> the village pump or via another way.
> We have seen that purely informal positions (the self-appointed
> "ambassadors") don't work.
> Kind regards
> Ziko

I am afraid this might not work as well, especially in the projects 
where the community is divided over a number of principal issues. The 
third way is to appoint such a person by WMF, but as I have written 
earlier in this thread, this might be also difficult. I just plainly do 
not see any easy solutions.


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