[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

A. Nony Mouse mousyme at gmail.com
Tue May 30 14:19:59 UTC 2006


Excuse me while I have a good laugh. You've been trying to drive people like
me, who honestly want wikipedia reformed, onto wikipediareview (so that you
can say "oh it's just whining from wikipediareview, we should destroy them")
for months now.

I'm just going to sit back and eat some popcorn and enjoy watching them make
fun of YOU now, Conrad, because that's all they're doing. You've raised
valid points just as I did, and they're not taking you seriously, just
reiterating the same old Judge Dredd "I AM THE LAW" bullshit.

A. Nony Mouse

On 5/29/06, Conrad Dunkerson <conrad.dunkerson at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> I was suggesting that PART of the reason for the excessive hatred directed
> at Wikipedia and the admin community in particular are the actions of some
> admins. The original poster said that a lost Wikipedia user can also be a
> new anti-Wikipedia crusader. They're right. Obviously there will always be
> people who are dis-satisfied and disruptive. But the fact is that we
> sometimes go out of our way to antagonize them and it only makes things
> worse.

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