[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

Conrad Dunkerson conrad.dunkerson at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 30 20:51:38 UTC 2006

* charles matthews wrote:
> I think it is very naive about the Internet and its denizens to 
> assume 'no smoke without fire applies'. 

Heh... two decades on the 'net' and still "naive" ("very" so no less) 
about it and its denizens. Somehow, I don't think that's it.

> Criticism of admins does not imply, 
> necessarily, that there are admins who deserve such criticism.

Necessarily? No. You can have criticism without justification. However, 
seething hatred from former contributors? An entire community of them? And 
complaints of admin behaviour commonplace amongst the ACTIVE contributors? 
Perhaps these are indications that there just might be some small thing 
which ought to be done differently.

> You do 
> concede that some very difficult 'customers' are rightly banned from WP? 
> And that subsequent comment from them may have a malicious component?

Also, that the sun is hot. :]

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