[WikiEN-l] To: Jimmy Wales - Admin-driven death of Wikipedia

jf_wikipedia at mac.com jf_wikipedia at mac.com
Tue May 30 15:08:49 UTC 2006

On May 29, 2006, at 3:11 PM, Conrad Dunkerson wrote:

> Wikipedia is becoming more and more a battleground (does anyone
> disagree with that assessment?)

This is only natural... an unsuccessful project does not attracts  
criticism. It is only because the project is *so* successful that it  
is unavoidable we will encounter opposition. And what was the basis  
for the project success so far? Wikipedia content policies, the  
strength of the community and the application of these polices by the  

So, on the face of criticism against WP and admins, we ought to  
continue doing what we have done successfully so far.

After all, failure is the discrepancy between the expected and the  
observed. People may need to adjust their expectations of WP and re- 
read WP:NOT from time to time.

-- Jossi

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