[WikiEN-l] Unblock request

Peter Mackay peter.mackay at bigpond.com
Mon May 22 17:12:43 UTC 2006

> From: wikien-l-bounces at Wikipedia.org 
> [mailto:wikien-l-bounces at Wikipedia.org] On Behalf Of MAURICE FRANK
> After looking at this case you have no other logical option than to
withdraw your support from Wiki, on grounds that you have had faith that a
sacred principle exists and it doesn't.

Huh. Wikipedia's just a website. Don't expect too much from a community of
geeks. The wonder is that it has scaled as well as it has.

I'm a staunch critic of many aspects of WP, but on the whole, the positives
(often generated by unsung folk labouring into the small hours) far outweigh
the noisy negatives.

Peter in Canberra

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