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Mark Gallagher m.g.gallagher at student.canberra.edu.au
Fri May 19 12:24:08 UTC 2006

G'day Margie,

> Mark Gallagher Re: your long uninformed rant.
> All you just proved was your unwillingness to see anything but what
> the group of nasty admins and others like the depraved SwatJester. I
> don't have to listen to your insults any more than you have to listen
> to mine. The difference between you and me is that I would never
> advocate punitive actions to soothe my wounded feelings. You would
> and do. Also editors are

Your contributions don't lie.  I posted diffs in the message to which
you're replying; the diffs show what *you* did, what *you* said.  They 
aren't a case of Swatjester's word against yours; they're a case of an 
accurate computer record that proves that the accusations against you 
are true.

> terrified to speak their mind, the ones that would defend me for fear
> of the axe coming down on them next. Corbin Simpson did speak up for
> me. He was lucky they didn't block him.  Please see the rfa oppose
> section on

Nonsense.  Nobody is blocked for holding opinions; it is only when those
opinions lead to inappropriate behaviour that they become a problem.
You weren't blocked for your political views; you were blocked for
deliberately editing in an inappropriate manner to push those views.
Likewise, Corbin would not be blocked merely for saying "I support 
Margie", but if he were to behave as you did (an unlikely prospect) he 
would most assuredly be blocked, and quickly.


> Bishonen told me my remarks to an editor John Kinney were obscene,
> the (beginning or our personal and mutual dislike.) Here is Geogre
> calling children turds (to Bishonen) 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bishonen/Archive_14#Haymarket.2C_etc.
> +:Oh, and for comparison, see the history tab on Attalus I. It has
> been vandalized even more than yours was. I think, when it's an
> interesting story, the turds vandalize it less. The 11 year olds
> ''clearly'' don't like Attalus I. ("You must be this tall to ride the
> Wikipedia.") [[User:Geogre|Geogre]] 21:06, 25 April 2006 (UTC)

I don't think it *is* appropriate to refer to children (even vandals) as 
"turds".  Next time I see Geogre I shall bring the subject up with him. 
  I don't think it excuses your behaviour, either, so don't try to 
change the subject.

> I could go on and on here , but rather than waste my time.. How about
> this atfq if you would just answer the fucking question(s).

Language, m'dear, language.

>> Erik Moeller said: RfC, ArbCom, mediation, etc. - makes it all
>> work.
> I'm stillt wondering. I am an editor, who has been blocked
> indefinitely from editing on Wikipedia and never had any RfC, ArbCom,
> mediation, or any dispute resolution at all. Never. Just wondering
> why this was. And also wondering why my unblock request was removed.
> Will you please just answer these  questions. Your answer to unblock
> request move and the entire process didn't cut it I'm afraid. Policy 
> is being broken. I Never had Any Mediation or Any dispute Resolution.
> Every single thing the admins did was done in direct violation of
> Wikipedia Policy

The community is empowered to block people who have behaved so badly 
that it is not considered worth our while to attempt mediation, RfCs, 
ArbCom, etc.  This is not a "direct violation of Wikipedia Policy" 
(please don't try to teach others to suck eggs), but is in fact entirely 
in line with our blocking policy.  I'll even quote it for you, because I 
want you to understand this point so thoroughly that you don't persist 
in asking such a silly question:

   There have been situations where a user has exhausted the community's
   patience to the point where he or she finds themselves blocked.
   Administrators who block in these cases should be sure that there is
   community support for the block, and should note the block on WP:ANI
   as part of the review process. With such support, the user is
   considered banned and should be listed on Wikipedia:List of banned
   users (under "Community").

Your block was entirely appropriate, and well within the realms of 
policy, community support, and common sense.  If you ever want to be 
allowed to contribute once more to Wikipedia, you will have to provide 
evidence that you are willing to actually *contribute*, and that your 
presence will be a net benefit.  This is not going to happen if you 
continue to insist your banning was incorrect.

Mark Gallagher
"What?  I can't hear you, I've got a banana on my head!"
- Danger Mouse

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