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Thu May 18 04:06:57 UTC 2006

> Subject: [WikiEN-l] William M. Connolley- He wrote about the
> edit wars butit makes no sense!!!!!!!!!
> Why? Because the other wikipedians are vandalizing and
> deleting ALL THE FACTS I WRITE that completely RELATE
> TO THE SUBJECT. I did not do anything wrong this time,
> but he is upset by the info I post. I am steaming
> about this. He is a horrible admin.

You'll find any number of other editors who agree with you, but this isn't
the place to discuss it. As advised, use the article discussion page to talk
about it in a civil and constructive manner. If you still cannot get
justice*, come back with a couple of good examples and ask for help. Don't
expect much if you are being a self-righteous pest.

Pete, speaking from experience

*Justice is a nebulous concept here. Wikipedia is just a website. It's not a
court of law, and even the community's most senior magistrates are
overworked volunteers who will aim for expedience over rigorous
And why isn't this is a place to discuss this? Are you, by some Divine
Grace, the one
to determine what one can say here?. And that which is okay to say is
clearly what you
say. Well just because..yes.

"a self-righteous pest"? If I didn't know better I would swear that sounds
like a PA.
But what would I know, I've already been labeled as a pest myslelf and
banned indefinitely
from editing at Wikipedia.

No. Justice is not a nebulous concept here. Justice is justice always.
Wikipedia claims to be an encyclopedia and therefore based on that claim
to keep it's controversial articles as unbiased as it can. And yet it does
the opposite
and does so with a vengeance. it edits out neutrality in a concerted effort
that is
backed by power-hungry admins and all their tireless mob of mindless
It happens constantly. Editors such as Peter Mackay, Lou
Merecat </wiki/User:Merecat>,
myself thewolfstar <../wiki/User:Thewolfstar>, Tbeatty </wiki/User:Tbeatty>,
Morton devonshire <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Morton_devonshire>,  Jerry
G. Sweeton Jr </wiki/User:J.sweeton%40wnri.com> along with many
others  that try so hard to bring neutrality into a biased artlce constantly
get stopped
from doing so by a swarm of editors, who harass, revert, lie, block often
with no cause
and  no warning.

It's time for this to stop.Maggiethewolfstar <../wiki/User:Thewolfstar> in
peace and justice for the wildthings, http://earthhopenetwork.net/

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