[WikiEN-l] Are these userbox templates NPOV?

Katie (keitei) katiefromuncyc at gmail.com
Thu May 11 16:30:02 UTC 2006

(Sorry to cut all the quoted text),
Might I just quickly make the point that the United States are in fact
somewhat larger than many of the countries out there?

That being said, I can understand why there's an "American fan" and
not one for smaller countries. However, it seems to me that this
wouldn't be for Americans, but rather for non-Americans who support
America (as it has been receiving a lot of negative press and the
world hates it, and so on).

Anyhow, userboxes are stupid, but I don't think this makes /Wikipedia/
biased or POV. It could easily be assumed that there is {{User America
fan}} and no {{User Japan fan}} because none had been made yet.

But please don't make it. We have enough to delete as is.

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