[WikiEN-l] Violation of blocking policy by BorgHunter

Michael Martinez michaelm at xenite.org
Tue Feb 28 02:18:13 UTC 2006

I reported multiple reverts in three areas of Middle-earth articles by user 
CBDunkerson.  Another user, TCC, immediately followed up by reporting 
me.  Borghunter blocked me but said that CBDunkerson had not been blocked.

Wiki Blocking policy clearly states that is inappropriate:

Sysops may block users who violate the three revert rule. Where multiple 
parties violate the rule, sysops will treat all sides equally.

I documented the multiple reverts by Mr. Dunkerson, who has been violating 
Wikipedia policy by inserting false and misleading information into the 
articles.  He specifically targeted edits I made last year.

Since I am blocked, I cannot use the email form to ask BorgHunter for an 
appropriate explanation of why the violations of Wikipedia policy by Conrad 
Dunkerson -- who has repeatedly refused my requests to post specific change 
proposals to the TALK pages for the articles -- have not been dealt with in 
the same way as my reverts of his reverts.

Michael Martinez
"Cuando Maria canta, canta para mí"

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