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robert bloom bloom456123 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 27 17:04:37 UTC 2006

Hi. I read this:


MONGO is giving his spin of it, and i have no chance of defending myself, 
since im blocked.

He is also missrepresenting me, for example with this:

"He has solicited other users in their talk pages to vote keep"

I did not ask people in talk pages to vote keep, I cite 

vote solicitation - complaint bogus, IMHO

I, for one, am insulted by the suggestion Striver was soliciting. I voted on 
and have a strong opinion about the last AfD on the 9/11 group. Bringing the 
new one to my attention was entirely appropriate; I am an interested party. 
I also would probably have found it by my daily AfD scans in any case. A 
second AfD so soon after the first is also very unusual (not against policy 
per se, but...). People are legitimately going to want to know.


Also, regarding "fuck you": Me and Zora have a long history, Zereshk is 
invloved, and also several other Shi'a editors. All Shi'a editor dislike her 
more or less.

There is a long history between me, Zereshk, other Shi'a editors  and Zora.

See what she wrote about Me and Zereshk:

Zora: "It feels to me like a grotesque waste of time and energy to negotiate 
with the mentally deficient and psychologically impaired."


Zora: The consensus of everyone but the Shi'a editors is that this article 
is an embarrassment to Wikipedia (and to the Shi'a) and that it should be 
merged, and any salvageable bits salvaged

Anonymous editor (a admin): Don't say that. I don't think the article is an 
embarrassment at all and saying so could hurt many editor's feelings.

Me: : Fuck you you fucking Shi'a hatign bigot. I dont care. Ban me. I Ban 

Anonymous editor (a admin): Striver you really shouldn't leave over 
something like this.


Read then this:





As you see, both me and Zora have been at eachothers necks, she hase called 
me for mentally defincient, i once got so fedd upp with her that i cursed 
her, delted my talk and user page and left Weikipedia. Sure, it wasnt civil 
to curse her, just as it wasnt civil of her to call me and Zereshk for 
menataly deficient, and the saying that i have asperrandom cyndrom.... But 
neither fo use went to any admin and demanded the other to be blocked.

As i said, i left, untill the Admin Anomymos user asked me to return, as 
well as this guy gave  a award and urged me to come back:





MONGO was just fishing, he found that, and brought the part i cursed, and 
used it as "evidence" out of context.

I find it blameworthy of him to block me, using 3RR as an excuse, a bad one 
since i did not vioalte it, and since he was involved in it. And what is 
even worst, another admin had already contacted me on that very issue, and 
came to the conclusion that i did not break any rules. MONGO, on the other 
hand, did break a rule by baning someone that he was personaly involved in, 
and to make it worst, baned me over a revert he was a part of.

As for the Guild, read my talk page.

I have now decided to do everything in my power to see that MONGO loses his 
admin rights, on this incident. Peace.

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