[QA] Pair programming[Thursday (26th June 2014)] with Zeljkof

Vikas Yaligar vikasyaligar.it at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 22:10:56 UTC 2014


Last week I had paired with Zeljko on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Here is what we did on Thursday:

* As we had cropping of screenshot for max. of 2 elements in a page, we
decided to expand it for more elements.

* We planned to crop the screenshot by:
    *  Finding the min. x,y for left co-ordinates of the input rectangle.
    *  Calculating the bottom x,y co-ordinates from width and height of
input rectangle.
    *  Calculating the max. of array of bottom x,y co-ordinates.
    *  Finding the width and height for cropping using top-left
co-ordinates and bottom right co-ordinates.

* Hence we followed TDD again for above solution.

* We planned to reuse the similar idea of collect to get the top-left
co-ordinates  and bottom right co-ordinates from all the input rectangles.

* When we had everything passing in our tests, we merged the code to

* Then Zeljko, went ahead and started to create jenkins job, for the
project and we got some screenshots for the project [1,2,3].




Vikas S Yaligar
IT Department
NITK Surathkal
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