[Mediawiki-l] Benefits of using wiki in a corporateenvironment-how to convience?

Jack D. Pond jack.pond at psitex.com
Sun Oct 17 14:47:46 UTC 2010


You may also want to look at

It has some great information.  You should be aware that in most "protected"
environments, there are three basic approaches:

1. Restrictions based on user (limiting access to certain users)
2. Restrictions based on NameSpace (limiting access to certain users and
groups to specific namespaces)
3. Restrictions to downloaded/uploaded materials (img_auth)

Additionally SMW+ is offering some additional protections, but that stuff
all comes with a price (version compatibility and synchronization - not to
mention serious questions as to whether or not it could ever be made to
function fully with a Windows environment).

At the County of Montgomery, PA, we use MediaWiki extensively for
collaboration - not only with development (internal and with vendors), but
also for several applications.  However, when we use them for applications,
we generally restrict access via the network additionally.

For Cloud partnerships, frankly I don't see how you could successfully run
an agile implementation without some form of collaborative stack that
includes wiki capabilities.

Good luck!


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> I have a follow-up question or related question... can you 
> use mediawiki to setup a private wiki that would exist on the 
> web?  I have in mind something for a non-profit... They 
> wouldn't have the funds to pay for virtual private hosting or 
> anything... so this may not be the thing to use.  I just know 
> that a wiki can be easy to use and that most folks do have 
> internet access... as does the organization in question.
> Bruce

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