[Mediawiki-l] Is MediaWiki-l dysfunctional? What is it good for, really?

Gary Kirk gary.kirk at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:15:37 UTC 2007

I am growing frustrated with your messages. Nobody is forcing you to
use, view, or post to this mailing list.

If you want people's responses when they send them, why sign up to the
digest version? You can change your settings at lists.wikimedia.org.

There is support available on MediaWiki.org:
mediawiki.org/wiki/Project:Support_desk. There's also #mediawik at

This list is a fantastic resource and you have done nothing but
rubbish it or complain. Remember, we don't owe you anything, but as
we're nice people, we'll try and help. We're all also human, and we
have limits.

On 23/05/07, Monahon, Peter B. <Peter.Monahon at uspto.gov> wrote:
> 1 - More than one of my posts has bounced back because either:
> - the moderator thinks is inappropriate (to complex?);
> - because a list auto-setting complains that my post is too big (to
> complex?).
> Hey, if I had simple problems ...
> 2 - The list recently, at least, has taken w-a-y too long to arrive for
> me to depend on it for contemporaneous solutions.  By the time the
> digest arrives, it's not only bereft of responses, but it's w-a-y too
> late, and I've moved on to other resources and other problems.
> So, is this list MediaWiki-l dead or dying?  Do we all find each other
> off list instead, and the l-o-n-g time between broadcasts is an
> indication that this list has little or no function after all?
> Is MediaWiki-l dysfunctional?  What is it good for, really?
> Why not setup a real ***wiki*** discussion right at the MediaWiki.org
> home pages, and encourage the MediaWiki software to actually mature to
> handle such support needs as ours, instead of using an old-fashioned
> mailing list like this?
> Your 2 cents?
> - Peter Blaise
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Gary Kirk

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