[Mediawiki-l] Is MediaWiki-l dysfunctional? What is it good for, really?

Monahon, Peter B. Peter.Monahon at USPTO.GOV
Wed May 23 12:12:11 UTC 2007

1 - More than one of my posts has bounced back because either: 
- the moderator thinks is inappropriate (to complex?); 
- because a list auto-setting complains that my post is too big (to
Hey, if I had simple problems ...

2 - The list recently, at least, has taken w-a-y too long to arrive for
me to depend on it for contemporaneous solutions.  By the time the
digest arrives, it's not only bereft of responses, but it's w-a-y too
late, and I've moved on to other resources and other problems.

So, is this list MediaWiki-l dead or dying?  Do we all find each other
off list instead, and the l-o-n-g time between broadcasts is an
indication that this list has little or no function after all?  

Is MediaWiki-l dysfunctional?  What is it good for, really?

Why not setup a real ***wiki*** discussion right at the MediaWiki.org
home pages, and encourage the MediaWiki software to actually mature to
handle such support needs as ours, instead of using an old-fashioned
mailing list like this?

Your 2 cents?

- Peter Blaise

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