[Mediawiki-l] Any leads on a basic wiki setup-and-configure instruction manual?

Monahon, Peter B. Peter.Monahon at USPTO.GOV
Wed May 23 12:44:17 UTC 2007

I'm trying to put everything I have to offer on MediaWiki.org - please
join me.


Here goes for today, Friday, May 18, 2007 (how long has this been going
on?  Since April 6, 2007, which was my first post here, and February 7,
2007 was when I "officially" started searching elsewhere for this very
same help):


My Struggle #1: PROTOTYPE, building an intranet-sharable Wiki that does
not require admin privileges on my local primary workstation.  Cornelius
Herzog's "Wiki on WOS" (Web server On a usb Stick) from
http://www.chsoftware.net/ works.  However, it requires that I permit
each visitor access by a manually entered list of internal-IP address.
This is arduous and requires that I be here for newbies to achieve their
initial success.  This dampens their enthusiasm to stay with the Wiki
learning curve.


My struggle #2: ALPHA/BETA, building an in-house, intranet-sharable Wiki
WITH admin privileges on my remote secondary workstation.  I have yet to
get ANY MediaWiki system working at all.  I have yet to find a resource
that clearly and concisely lists the *linking steps and confirmation
checks* between Microsoft-Windows-XP-Pro, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and
MediaWiki (and PHPMyAdmin).  

(The book "MediaWiki Administrators' Tutorial Guide: Install, manage,
and customize your MediaWiki installation" by Mizanur Rahman, 2007
http://www.packtpub.com/ was no help.  It says, page 19, "Since this
book is about MediaWiki, we are not going to learn about the
installation of a web server, database server, or even PHP."  Well, all
right, then!  So much for fulfilling their own title!  Thanks!)


My dream struggle #3: build MULTIPLE WIKIS on one computer that share
the SAME DATABASE, and also, build MULTIPLE WIKIS on one computer that


If anyone has links to resources supporting *linking steps and
confirmation checks* resolving these struggles, please share!  I've read
most of the ones in Google's top search results and find they are
missing specific *linking steps and confirmation checks*, and are also
usually out of date (MySQL 4 and PHP 4 and MediaWiki 1.3, for instance).


I envy anyone who has accomplished success, especially anyone who has
more than one working MediaWiki in any format!


- Peter Blaise


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