[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki 1.9 branched; release tomorrow

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 10:22:49 UTC 2007

[Rob wrote>
If running the bleeding-edge of MediaWiki, you MUST be prepared to keep updating the files to follow any fixes that are applied to it. If someone adds a feature and a security vulnerability, and we notice and fix the latter before it's release time, we won't generally issue another release, since it's in the unstable branch.~~]

Yep, will do. However, that was a mistake on my part, I didn't use the right svn co url.. =(  I forgot to use the one Brion posted a few emails back sigh. Dang.. Well, I'll keep updating as needed though.. ;) :) 

[Rob wrote> 
The version of PHP running at the command line (the CLI) is often different to that running in a web browser; these goddamn stupid modern shared hosts. You can often find the real path to the PHP 5 CLI and use that, otherwise, use the "re-run the installer" or "phpShell" methods mentioned in the upgrade pages on the MediaWiki site.~~~]

Hahaha, yeah.. stupid hosts. >_<  Oh well, I'll just use the "web installer method" then.. ;) :) If for some reason I feel "daring" and what not, I'll find the real path to the PHP 5 CLI then.. ;) :) 

[Rob wrote>
There's another, recent thread on this mailing list where I explained the whole "AdminSettings.php file deal" in great length, but the gist of it is that AdminSettings.php is for providing the credentials of a MySQL user with permission to perform maintenance operations on the database.~~~]

Oh okay, I think I remember your's coming through the list, but it was deleted though sigh. I'll go back through the archives then, but, I probably won't worry about this too much, though. I still have TONS of other things going on sigh.. But, I'll find your post then. ;) :) 

[Rob Wrote> 
Ack! *Never* rename the LocalSettings.php file such that it no longer ends in ".php" - stuff like ".old" etc. will cause Apache to serve it as a plain text file, which will expose database connection information.

When renaming, stick to a scheme such as LocalSettings.old.php" and "LocalSettings.new.php" - different files, safer extensions.~~]

Slaps self, Okay.. I'll remember that for later. :) ;) I'm not sure if this makes a difference though, but I manually chmodded those files 644, and folders 755..  Well, always do, for everything except images.. ;) :)  But, anyway.. I'll remember that next time. ;) 

[Rob wrote>
Generally, one of the benefits of going down the Subversion route for upgrades is that Subversion itself handles merging of file changes, so local hacks are easier to preserve. Extensions, when well authored (ahem) are completely pluggable and provided you're sensible about keeping the extension up to date, won't fsck up MediaWiki when it's time to go to the next point release.~~]

You have a good point there.. ;) :) Well, like I said above, I'll check that extension out then, and see if it's all good yet. If it's not. I'll let the author know of it. ;) :)  Thanks so much Rob for your tips, suggestions, comments, and what not.. ;) :)

By the way, the Extension's URL for whoever wants to read up on it:


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