[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki 1.9 branched; release tomorrow

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 09:16:25 UTC 2007

On 10/01/07, spencerp <spencerp1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> YES!! I just upgraded to the Latest - 1.10alpha copy.. I know, I know, haha.. but, figured out how to do the line command now, on over-writing the files in the codex's root directory. I did make a database backup first though, saved the extension to computer, same goes for original LocalSettings.php file, and some others in which I did core file edits..

If running the bleeding-edge of MediaWiki, you MUST be prepared to
keep updating the files to follow any fixes that are applied to it. If
someone adds a feature and a security vulnerability, and we notice and
fix the latter before it's release time, we won't generally issue
another release, since it's in the unstable branch.

> At first though, for some odd reason.. I couldn't get the "php update.php" command line to work on "maintenance/", gave me a message saying, it couldn't work because of running php 4.X.X, but if you're sure php5 is running, check the path to it, or whatever.. But, I AM running the MediaWiki on PHP 5.1.2 though.. so.. not sure what's up with that. I'm on Dreamhost.com by the way..

The version of PHP running at the command line (the CLI) is often
different to that running in a web browser; these goddamn stupid
modern shared hosts. You can often find the real path to the PHP 5 CLI
and use that, otherwise, use the "re-run the installer" or "phpShell"
methods mentioned in the upgrade pages on the MediaWiki site.

> (I'm not sure on the AdminSettings.php file deal, I put in there my user and pass that's actually for the Database user and pass.. and it's different of course, to my Administrator account for the Codex itself..) Do I have to manually create that user's table first, or something.. ?

There's another, recent thread on this mailing list where I explained
the whole "AdminSettings.php file deal" in great length, but the gist
of it is that AdminSettings.php is for providing the credentials of a
MySQL user with permission to perform maintenance operations on the

> Anyway, I chmodded the config/ folder 777, renamed my LocalSettings.php file to LocalSettings.php.old.. and went through normal browser install stuff, it upgraded the database like supposed too..

> Then saved the NEWLY made LocalSettings.php file as LocalSettings.php.newest, and then moved it to root/ of the codex..  however, I'm using the original one instead..Re-chmodded the config/ 644

Ack! *Never* rename the LocalSettings.php file such that it no longer
ends in ".php" - stuff like ".old" etc. will cause Apache to serve it
as a plain text file, which will expose database connection

When renaming, stick to a scheme such as "LocalSettings.old.php" and
"LocalSettings.new.php" - different files, safer extensions.

> I didn't try the BBPress_Auth extension yet, but will here soon. I want to make sure that's still going to work with it, which I'm sure it will..

No experience using it, don't know.

> All that customized work is and was saved.. I went around here and there on the Codex.. and haven't recieved any errors.. so, to me looks like she's working great! Awesome!! Thanks for your time .. ;) :)

Generally, one of the benefits of going down the Subversion route for
upgrades is that Subversion itself handles merging of file changes, so
local hacks are easier to preserve. Extensions, when well authored
(ahem) are completely pluggable and provided you're sensible about
keeping the extension up to date, won't fsck up MediaWiki when it's
time to go to the next point release.

Rob Church

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