[Mediawiki-l] Install problems and deleteDefaultMessages.php (Bug 10862)

Jim Hu jimhu at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 27 15:49:55 UTC 2007

I just did my first install of 1.10.1 (most of my wikis are on 1.9.3)  
and had MacOSX problems with the installer.  However, my usual fixes  
didn't seem to work, and I wound up having to comment out the call to  
deleteDefaultMessages.  I added a comment on bugzilla, but the bug  
there is about linux and I wasn't sure how to change it to reflect  
that I think it affects both linux and OSX.

In fact, I suspect that the bug is related to any OS where localhost  
doesn't work for the apache user via the net installer.  My suspicion  
is that somewhere in the installation, the installer is hardcoded to  
use localhost instead of the host provided by the form... or it is  
failing to reset the host from the form.  I'm not sure why this  
doesn't fail until deleteDefaultMessages, though.

After I commented out the call in updaters.inc, I was able to use the  
wiki, but I had to add WikiSysop by hand to the database.  I think  
this is an unrelated bug that has to do with rerunning the installer  
after trying different hosts in the host field.  It may be good to  
add a check for WikiSysop to the end of the installation script.   
There was a thread related to this somewhere recently, I think.

Jim Hu
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics
2128 TAMU
Texas A&M Univ.
College Station, TX 77843-2128

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